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Savings Account  

                        Indus American Bank helps you                    make the most of your money with               savings plans that offer some of the          highest interest rates in the area, along      with insured safety and other value-added benefits. Whether you want to target your savings for guaranteed short- or long-term growth, have complete liquidity, or earn competitive tiered money market rates based on your level of deposits, you?ll also enjoy:

  • Free e-banking and bill pay service
  • Fee-free 24-hour banking at Indus American ATMs.
  • Free Notary Public service
  • FDIC insured protection


Statement Savings
No minimum balance required to open and earn interest. Includes easy-to-read monthly statement. Interest compounded and paid monthly.
Certificates of Deposit
Choose from a wide range of terms to fit your savings goals, start your account with a deposit of $2,000 or more, earn guaranteed high interest for the entire term of your account, and enjoy automatic renewal at prevailing Indus American Bank rates at maturity (with a 10-calendar-day grace period). Interest compounded and paid monthly. Select terms also available for individual retirement accounts (IRAs).


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